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Allowing digital information to be enabled through objects to visualize experiences and analyze.

Delivering digital information with sensor objects by connecting through smart devices to view.



By connecting digital information to objects, it allows accessibility from smart devices using sensor technologies.


Validation occurring through engagement. Identifying an object has digital data stored within; it is then accessible through a smart device to provide the necessary and accurate information recorded.



Content retention and analysis. The finishing touch of any birthday is the cake, and we all like the icing. Our icing covers all the recorded transactions and locations that trigger the information.

KNECTO offers a revolutionary sensor engagement software using dually enabled sensors. Our patented memorial data system enables objects to be assigned information, accessible by smart devices and recorded for the ability to analyze data retention being sought.

Our patented memorial data system is disclosed for providing information regarding an object or individual using sensor technology.

The initial application of our memorial data system grew within the funeral memorial industry. Eternal Timekeeper (ETK), started with hundreds of online memorials being connected to memorial markers. This provided the full digital footprint of individuals, along with photos, videos and GPS location services.

Finally we were able to offer folks the ability to continue endless stories.

Our Approach

KNECTO offers a fundamental resource and asset management toolbox utilizing the latest in patented sensor software technology. Our principle mission is to offer accurate and dependable service capabilities in delivering the reported data points.

Our Story

KNECTO morphed from Eternal Timekeeper. The team working on software development found a need to broaden the application methods. This has found successful within the memorial industry.

Corporate companies have asked for Eternal Timekeeper to offer it’s memorial platform application from the serialization of the manufactured good utilizing RFID and UHF. From there, we started the tracking of goods and services; which allows the end consumer engagement of uploaded memorial content to include the full digital footprint of that individual through NFC.