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Award-winning market solution integrates patented software with industry-leading electronic sensor technology to provide a powerful competitive edge.

Complete Ecosystem

Our comprehensive solution records and delivers each consumer-client interaction to our patented data platform, which reports analytics to your secure Knecto account in virtually real time, creating a robust, responsive marketing system that drives success.

Competitive Advantages

Own the future by leveraging a powerful single source to achieve agile product management, product authentication, federal and state regulatory compliance, real-time marketing decisions, and the creation of high-value, long-lasting connections between you and your customer.

Social Recall™

Introducing a new way to connect with customers and alert them to vital product recalls. Social Recallfeatures advanced push notifications that can be updated in a moments notice warning customers of potentially dangerous recalls they need to be made aware of.

Our unique end-to-end service strategy ensures single-source convenience throughout the product lifecycle and buyer’s journey.

A new way to power your brand.