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Award-winning patented technology powers richer user experiences and lasting connections with consumers, improving acquisition and retention, increasing revenues, and enhancing your competitive edge.

Tag Assets

Products, packaging, signs, banners and other tangible objects are tagged with programmed two-way electronic sensors during manufacture or packaging.

Track & Monitor

Sensors aid in product tracking through transit and distribution and are scanned in store by consumer smartphones to access product information and images from manufacturer.


Manufacturer and consumer are fully connected, enabling manufacturer to offer new products and promotions to strengthen engagement and additional sales.

Act on Data

Knecto data platform captures every interaction, providing data and analytics to manufacturer for real-time marketing decisions and product changes on the fly—ahead of the competition.

Knecto seamlessly integrates our data platform with powerful two-way electronic sensors and client asset management systems to increase revenues and reduce costs.

A new way to power your brand.

Complete Ecosystem



Comprehensive solution captures and delivers each interaction to our data platform, which reports analytics to client’s secure host account in virtually real time, creating a robust, responsive marketing system that drives success.



Competitive Advantages


Leverage a powerful single source to achieve agile product management, product authentication, federal and state regulatory compliance, real-time marketing decisions, and creation of high-value, lasting connections between manufacturer and consumer.


Social Recall™


Introducing a new way to connect with customers and alert them to product recalls. Social Recalladvanced push notifications can be updated at a moment's notice, warning customers of potentially dangerous products and keeping them up to date.  


An award-winning technology and software firm, Knecto uniquely integrates our data platform and dashboard with two-way electronic sensor technology to capture data from manufacture and distribution through in-store purchase to post-sale engagement.

Data is used by clients to make immediate marketing decisions and data-driven product changes, strengthen consumer engagement, and generate additional sales.

Our unique end-to-end service strategy ensures single-source convenience, and enables clients to build user communities more effectively and efficiently than other online avenues.

Our Mission

Our mission at Knecto is to enable richer connections between businesses and their consumers to increase acquisition, retention and revenue

Knecto offers unrivaled sensor engagement hardware and software using dually-enabled sensors that leverage Near-Field Communication (NFC), Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) and Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) technologies.

The Knecto REST API enables transparent integration with virtually all client systems and multiple interfaces, including AI. All consumer scanning devices and client ERP/TMS systems connect seamlessly through our API.

Knecto’s NFC sensors are program-locked to an SSL-secure URL, which gives the NFC sensor a unique ID and enables Knecto to update or reprogram sensors as client requirements or objectives change.

Our award-winning software and robust dashboard enable clients to track and manage all tagged assets, whether consumer products, pharmaceuticals, personal care, food and beverage products or other tangible assets.