Knecto is a PRM (Product Relationship Management) system that connects all product and parts data from manufacturing through to customer engagement.
With Knecto, you can focus your teams on what’s important; delivering great products and exceptional customer experiences.


Product ID /Authentication
Barcode, QR, RFID, NFC will all work.
Product Visibility
Connect data records across current systems into one unified view.
Product Record Builder
Create and connect customizable product records (surveys, maintenance, registration, etc.).
Product Experience Builder
Create and connect customizable user experiences (videos, FAQs, landing pages).
Product Advanced Measurements
Real-time location, shock, temperature exposure, etc.).
Asset Life Cycle
Asset Life Cycle
Consumer Goods
Consumer Goods

Why PRM matters?

1. Ensure Product Readiness
Everyday your product is unable to perform could mean thousands of dollars in lost revenue.
2. Extend Product Lifetime
Properly managing your products' needs can extend valuable service lifetime and prevent unplanned, costly events.
3. Enhance Efficiency
Through automation, different teams can be alerted when a specific issue needs their resolution with all the required data in one place.
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