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Add fresh digital content to products and packaging.


Engage consumers by delivering richer user experiences.



Data-mine buying habits for better marketing and manufacturing decisions.









One Powerful Platform.  Unlimited Solutions.




Add Unmatched Value to your Products


Knecto dually-enabled sensors can be attached to virtually any product, tracking it from production through distribution to consumer—preventing fraud, ensuring full product authentication, and protecting your brand.

Our embedded Social Recall software addresses compliance effortlessly by enabling efficient product recalls and alerts.


Enrich your Packaging and Labeling



You can also leverage your packaging and labeling to deliver a richer customer experience.

Knecto sensors attach to paper bags, cardboard boxes, lids, labels and more—to bring compelling messaging directly to your consumers at point of sale.



Ensure your Mailers Engage


Direct mail is one of the most effective ways to reach prospects—but how to make that postcard or envelope stand out? 

Knecto sensors add unique value to your mail, enabling consumers to quickly access additional information about your products and services, visit website landing pages, watch videos and engage in other ways.



Knecto offers revolutionary sensor engagement hardware and software using dually-enabled sensors that leverage near-field communication, UPC and 2D barcode, QR code, and RFID technologies.

Our patented data system enables objects to be assigned information, accessible by smart devices and recorded through those devices, to support customer acquisition and retention programs.

Knecto technology enables virtually any business in any industry to take advantage of this leading-edge solution to improve marketing results and enhance business success.


Our Mission

To help businesses improve customer acquisition and retention by offering richer user experiences through the magic of electronic scanning and sensor technologies empowered by our revolutionary software.

Our Story


Knecto’s revolutionary technology originated with our Eternal Timekeeper program, which introduced ground-breaking electronic sensor software to the memorialization industry. Our patented software has brought memories of loved ones to life for thousands of family and friends by delivering life stories, photos and videos to their smart devices.

With proven success in this meaningful first use, it was time to take our amazing technology to other providers of goods and services.

Today, from public utilities and pharmaceuticals to retailers and e-merchants, Knecto is enabling businesses of all kinds to deliver richer user experiences in order to acquire and nurture customers.

We invite you to join us!


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