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Connecting digital information to objects.


Validation occurring through engagement.



Content retention and analysis.

One Platform, Unlimited Solutions...

Embedded Products

Take your products to new heights and provide unmatched levels of customer experiences. Brands trust Knecto to implement custom digital experiences that users access through their phones and tablets.

Packaging and Labels

Connect product packaging and labels with immersive technology designed to increase customer engagement. Using Knecto, we create and develop digital experiences customized to bring your product to life.

Postcards and Mailers

Bring to life unique customer experiences with postcards and direct mail. Using Knecto, you'll now be able to see and more importantly track user experiences and touchpoints to know where, when, and how users are consuming your content as well as strengthening customer-brand relationships.

KNECTO offers revolutionary sensor engagement hardware and software using dually enabled sensors.

Our patented memorial data system enables objects to be assigned information, accessible by smart devices and recorded for the ability to analyze data retention being sought.


Our Mission

To offer accurate and dependable service capabilities in delivering the reported data points.

Our Story

KNECTO evolved from Eternal Timekeeper, as the software and development team broadened the application methods to better serve the memorial industry.

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