Two-Year-Old Startup Integrates Hardware, Patented Software and Services
in Unique Hybrid IT Security Solution


Monday, August 5, 2019 – Knecto today announced it has won two prestigious IT World Awards as Start-Up of the Year for Cloud/SaaS solutions in the Security and Information Technology categories. Winners will be honored at a gala hosted by Network Products Guide on October 28, 2019, in San Francisco.

Launched just two years ago, Knecto is the brainchild of Tanner Lewis, a technology visionary with a dream of connecting companies to their constituents in unique and exciting new ways. 

Working initially in his garage before moving to a larger facility, Lewis developed and patented software which he integrated with sophisticated electronic sensors and enterprise-level tracking and reporting services. Sensors are scanned by consumer smartphones to initiate engagement and create a steady flow of new experiences. 

With 81% of Americans now owning smartphones, and 2.53 billion smartphone users worldwide, the market for Knecto’s revolutionary IT solution is virtually unlimited. 

“One of the great advantages for businesses using Knecto is that no in-house IT support is required,” said Lewis, Knecto’s founder and CEO. “The system is fully integrated to deliver all services, analytics, and other benefits in a seamless, turn-key solution that is easy to deploy through the secure Knecto cloud and accessible through the robust Knecto dashboard.”   

Knecto addresses a number of important business challenges, including product counterfeiting, brand protection, consumer security and safety, product recalls, regulatory compliance, and intense market competition for customers and revenue.

These benefits have attracted clients from the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and beverage, fulfillment and other industries, and are steadily transforming Knecto from a shoe-string startup to a technology innovator to be respected and watched.

Knecto was honored earlier this year with a Silver Award for Excellence in Product Fraud Prevention at the 2019 Information Security Global Excellence awards.

About Knecto, LLC

Knecto provides electronic scanning and sensor technology that can employ near-field communication (NFC), UPC barcodes, QR codes or RFID to effectively reduce product fraud, enrich the product user experience, and deliver marketing insights into buyer behavior never before available to business managers. The patented Knecto data system enables products and packaging to be assigned unique electronic codes, programmed into sensors scannable by smartphones, to drive customer acquisition and retention programs that improve marketing results and enhance business success. Visit us at