IT World Awards recognize single-source solution uniquely enabling life-cycle management of high-value assets in aviation, marine, automotive industries

Thursday, June 17, 2021 – Knecto today announced that its patented Product Relationship Management system has won Gold in the asset management category at the 2021 IT World Awards by Globee

Knecto enables organizations to track high-value assets throughout their life cycles, from manufacture through warehousing, distribution and sale, to active use, maintenance, and final disposition. Capturing data at every step, the unique, patented platform offers numerous competitive advantages, enabling businesses to enhance supply chain security, facilitate regulatory compliance, deliver richer user experiences, respond faster to buyer behavioral trends, increase customer acquisition and retention, and compete more successfully in their markets.

These critical advantages are provided through advanced electronic sensor technologies powered by Knecto software, which integrates with virtually all ERP systems and leverages near-field communication (NFC) as well as UPC barcodes, QR codes, 2D and RFID technologies. It is arguably the most robust, full-featured, high-functioning data platform on the market today.

“No other firm integrates these technologies to provide a truly unified product view,” said Tanner Lewis, founder and CEO of Knecto. “Our single-source solution enables real-time, data-driven business decisions that result in more agile product management throughout the life cycle.” 

Knecto Product Relationship Management system functionality:

  • Captures data at every step of the life cycle, including device type, IP address, location, time, description of interaction and more, as well as vital asset performance statistics. 
  • Effectively addresses supply chain security, a concern for large supplier networks as logistics costs continue to escalate due to theft, loss, and freight issues related to the pandemic.
  • Leverages artificial intelligence to power analytics that create actionable information for diverse stakeholders, including R&D, marketing, logistics, accounting, and others.

“These advantages are vitally important to forward-thinking companies, especially in aviation, marine, and automotive,” said Lewis. “Smart, connected products are helping them reshape industry boundaries and create exciting new business opportunities.”

Knecto has received previous awards for innovations in security services, security software, product fraud prevention, and cloud/SaaS security

About Knecto, LLC

Knecto enables businesses to track high-value assets and collect data throughout their life cycles using advanced electronic sensor technologies powered by our unique proprietary software. The Knecto Product Relationship Management system is a turn-key, single-source solution that delivers unrivaled insights into consumer behavior and enables real-time, data-driven business decisions that produce richer user experiences, rapid marketing response to buyer trends, enhanced supply chain security, and demonstrable regulatory compliance. Knecto clients include utilities, federal defense agencies, logistics companies, and others. Learn more at