Patented Near-Field Communication Solution from Knecto Empowers Enterprises with Ease of Entry, Rich User Data, Unique Competitive Edge

A recent blog on the NFC Forum website announced that near-field communication (NFC) technology may be “the next big thing in pharmaceuticals.” According to the author, Thorsten Braas, “NFC and RFID technologies are already being deployed in a number of industries, from logistics and manufacturing to automotive and retail. The next area to benefit from NFC technology could be pharmaceuticals, since here NFC has a growing number of profitable and sustainable use cases.”

The author described those use cases, which include ensuring safety and integrity, building engagement, supporting adherence to treatment, and fostering pharma co-vigilance.

As the leader in NFC deployments in a variety of industries, Knecto NFC solutions bring these and other NFC benefits directly to brands and their customers.

“NFC has the power to transform the user experience,” said Knecto CEO, Tanner Lewis. “We can engage consumers in new and exciting ways to increase acquisition and retention—and build a distinct competitive advantage for the brand.”

“NFC technology also expedites regulatory compliance,” said Lewis, “which is important as new requirements for listing product ingredients and cautions, such as those recently enacted in California, are emerging in the cosmetics, nutraceuticals and supplements markets.”

All that’s needed to leverage the benefits of NFC technology are smart tags affixed to products or product packaging, and smartphones to scan the tags and access content. The target market is enormous and growing, with some 2.1 billion smartphones in use worldwide, according to Statista. Estimates of smartphone users in the U.S. vary from 67 to 78 percent of the population.

Knecto’s patented NFC data system collects and reports volumes of end-user data, enabling manufacturers and retailers to analyze consumer demographics, content consumption preferences, levels of participation, and other metrics. Content offerings, from rewards programs and promotions to photo contests and lifestyle stories, can be reviewed, assessed and updated as needed to further strengthen the customer relationship.

About Knecto

Knecto offers revolutionary sensor engagement hardware and software using dually enabled sensors that leverage proven near-field communication technology. Our patented data system enables objects to be assigned information, accessible by smart devices and recorded through those devices, to support customer acquisition and retention programs. Knecto’s patented technology enables virtually any business in any industry to take advantage of this leading-edge solution to improve marketing results and enhance business success.