Award-Winning Knecto Technology Enables Direct Connections with Patients

Tuesday, March 24, 2020 – Technology and other forces are enabling patients to be better informed about drug safety and more likely to take an active role in physician-prescribed treatment plans. This shift toward patient-centric healthcare is creating enormous opportunity for pharmaceutical companies to augment traditional medical community partnerships with smart new initiatives that build relationships directly with their patients and enhance patient benefit and drug safety.

Knecto award-winning patented technology enables pharmaceutical companies to build direct connections with their patientsKnecto technology is uniquely enabling this paradigm shift by combining smartphone-readable product tagging technology with a patented data platform, robust dashboard, and integration with client ERP systems to track products and capture actionable data from manufacture and distribution, through pre-sale consumer research, to in-store purchase and post-sale consumption. The entire supply chain becomes visible through the patented Knecto lens.

“No other firm integrates these technologies to provide a unified product view across the entire pharmaceutical organization, including pharmacovigilance, medical affairs, IT, manufacturing and marketing,” said Tanner Lewis, Knecto Founder and CEO. “Our single-source solution enables real-time, data-driven business decisions that produce important benefits for our clients, including enhanced patient benefit and drug safety.”

More agile product management, enhanced consumer safety and security, more robust brand protection, direct-to-user product recall notices, and improved regulatory compliance are among those advantages.

Pharmaceutical drugs, medications and devices are tagged with small sensors that use sophisticated near-field communication (NFC) technology to give smartphone users immediate access to whatever content the company wants to deliver, from product use, sourcing, contraindications and product recalls to product benefits, coupons, promotions and surveys.

The Knecto platform also delivers direct feedback from patients related to side effects, drug efficacy, ease of use and suggestions for product improvement to enhance patient benefit. With 81% of Americans now owning smartphones and more than 2.5 billion smartphone users worldwide, the market for Knecto’s award-winning technology is virtually unlimited.

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Knecto provides a turn-key, single-source solution that delivers unrivaled insights into consumer behavior and powers real-time, data-driven business decisions resulting in improvements in product management, consumer safety and security, brand protection, product recalls and regulatory compliance. Knecto has won numerous awards for innovations in security services and software, fraud prevention, and cloud/SaaS security. Learn more at