Knecto a 4-Time Winner in 2020 Global Excellence Awards

Innovative Turn-Key Solution Wins in Security Software, Services Categories

Tuesday, February 25, 2020 – Award-winning Knecto has done it again, announcing today that the company has been honored in four categories in the 2020 Information Security Global Excellence Awards. Knecto won awards for its innovations in Security Services, Security Software, Hybrid Security, and Cloud/SaaS Security. Winners were announced online on February 23rd.

2020 Global Excellence Silver AwardKnecto’s innovative technology powers richer, long-lasting connections between businesses and their consumers to increase acquisition, retention and revenue. It also addresses a number of rising business challenges, including product counterfeiting and brand protection, consumer safety and security, product recalls, state and federal regulatory compliance, and intense market competition for customers.

Integrating its unique, patented software with programmable two-way electronic sensors and robust, enterprise-level tracking and analytics, Knecto provides a turn-key solution that is easy to deploy and requires no dedicated customer resources—thereby enabling small and mid-size businesses to enjoy the same advantages as global corporations.

“Our clients are able to make highly responsive product and marketing decisions that are truly data-driven,” said Tanner Lewis, Knecto CEO. “Data about the consumer and their buying behavior is captured in the secure Knecto cloud and is promptly accessible through our robust Knecto dashboard, enabling product and marketing decisions to be adjusted on the fly.”

Products are tagged with smartphone-readable sensors that allow consumers to immediately access a wealth of information about the product, its source, and its use. The system enables businesses to track and manage those assets—from consumer package goods, pharmaceuticals and personal care products to food, beverage and other products—to achieve insights into consumer buying behavior never before available.

With 81% of Americans now owning smartphones, and more than 2.5 billion smartphone users worldwide, the market for Knecto’s revolutionary technology is vibrant and virtually unlimited.

Knecto was honored for Excellence in Product Fraud Prevention at the 2019 Information Security Global Excellence Awards and as IT Company of the Year at the 2019 IT World Awards. CEO Tanner Lewis was featured in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune last year.

About Knecto, LLC – Knecto seamlessly integrates a patented data platform with client-side asset management systems and robust electronic sensor technology to create a turn-key, single-source solution that provides unrivaled insights into consumer buying behavior and powers real-time marketing decisions that enhance business success. By enabling lasting, high-value connections between businesses and consumers, Knecto delivers a richer user experience that drives increased acquisition, retention and revenue. Other benefits include more agile product management, reduced product fraud and counterfeiting, enhanced consumer safety, and federal and state regulatory compliance. Learn more at