TRUE VINTAGE: NFC tags are being used to guarantee wine authenticity and that bottles are unopened

Seppeltsfield Barossa Adds NFC Tags to Wine Bottles

NFC Tags Being Used to Guarantee Wine Authenticity and that Bottles are Unopened

Historic Australian wine estate Seppeltsfield Barossa is adding NFC tags to the bottles of its new Grounds range of wines, to guarantee the product’s authenticity and verify that the bottle has not previously been opened.

Tapping the NFC tag on one of the winemaker’s bottles also provides “an immersive 360-degree experience including detailed wine provenance information, as well as a tour of the internationally renowned Seppeltsfield Barossa Village and surrounding vineyards,” says YPB Group, which supplied the winemaker with its NFC Vintail solution.

“Whilst we are expanding our luxury wine collection globally, it is very important we are at the forefront of innovation, so we are taking a proactive approach and investing in technology to ensure wine authenticity,” says Seppeltsfield Barossa executive chairman Warren Randall.

Article by Sarah Clark, posted on NFC World on June 26, 2019:


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